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7 Day Colon Cleanse


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The buildup of waste inside your colon can prevent the absorption of vital nutrients. Before initiating a nutritional regimen, ensure that your intestinal system is working normally with Vitabase’s Colon Cleanse.

7 Day Colon Cleanse is a completely natural colon detoxifier that helps cleanse the digestive tract and reestablish regularity.

The ingredients of 7 Day Cleanse have been selected to be gentle yet effective. They include cascara sagrada, senna, cape aloe, and flaxseed oil. Psyllium is a high fiber herb included that is beneficial for absorbing body toxins. African bird pepper is included for its soothing effects.

Convenience is an important factor when selecting a colon cleansing product. Many other colon cleansing supplements are in the form of powder and can be a challenge to ingest because of their taste and texture.

Finally, if you compare the cost of this product to other brands, you will find that other products can be priced as high as $50-$60. Why spend more for a product that is significantly less effective?

Psyllium Husk Powder 4500 mg *
Flaxseed Oil 2000 mg *
Cape Aloe (herb powder) 500 mg *
Cascara Sagrada (herb powder) 600 mg *
Spirulina 250 mg *
Black Walnut (herb powder) 500 mg *
Senna Leaves (herb powder) 100 mg *
Fennel Seed (herb powder) 100 mg *
African Bird Pepper (herb powder) 40 mg *
Proprietary Blend (Garlic, red clover powder, fenugreek powder, quassia wood powder, black cohosh powder, red sage powder, goldenseal powder and gum arabic powder) 50 mg *

  • Specially designed to promote optimal colon health.
  • Comes in convenient capsule form – No bad tasting powder drinks!
  • Contains psyllium, flax seed, cape aloe, black walnut, cascara sagrada, spirulina, senna leaves, fennel seed and many more helpful herbs.
  • Aids in detoxification of the colon and regularity.
  • Healthy colons absorb nutrients better, increasing the effectiveness of other food and supplements you might be taking.
  • Recommended to be used just once or twice per year.
  • Less expensive and more complete than other colon cleansing products.

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As a dietary supplement, take one (1) packet mid-morning, one (1) packet mid-afternoon, and one (1) packet at bedtime for seven days. Do not exceed three (3) packets daily. Allow three (3) to four (4)

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1 Packet(s)


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Do not exceed recommended dose. Read and follow directions carefully. This product contains cape aloe (Aloe ferox), cascara sagrada, and senna leaves. This product is not intended for pregnant or nurs


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